Lunes, Enero 9, 2017

Yawa Go Dey lyrics - Ice Prince

If I no wake up in the morning (ey)
If I no sleep in the night (yeah)
If I no buy any Ferrari (yeah)
Shawty, u know say yawa go dey (ai)
And no be today I dey rhyme
I started back in 1999 (ey)
If I no hammer make I shy (chai)
Brother, u know say yawa go dey (ah)
Face to face with reality
U know I got to bring the bread for the family
If I don't get to see ma chicks,
she might be mad at me
And if they mad at me,
U know say yawa go dey
And now u see me riding around the city with a bag,
Feeling like a boss, yawa go dey,
I used to be the nigga at the bottom
Now I'm feeling like the nigga at the top, yawa go dey
See nobody really gave an ish bout a broke broke living like me, yawa go dey (like me), Yawa go dey
And if I pray, know say
Yawa go deeeeey, yeah yeah
yawa go deeeeey, yeah yeah, ai
U don't want no problems, eh
U don't want no problems
Yawa go deeey yeah yeah,
yawa go deeey, yeah yeah
We don't need no problems, yeah
We don't need no problems, yah yah

I got to text inside the day
My sister got the bill I have to pay
Somebody told me up is all the way
And if na play dem dey play,
u know say yawa go dey
I gotta pay the rap before the passover
And mama waiting on me, I'm the last soldier
This alcohol's got me on a hangover
Cd life I'm bet soda, u know say yawa go dey
See nobody ever realise all the hustle u dey hustle everyday, yawa go dey
A lot of dem a only come around when the going gets good,
But ma nigga, thats when yawa go dey
See no fake gee's around me
Only staking study shine the light, Never power go dey,
U touch my unnaka, know say yawa go dey
Whenever chop, u know say yawa go dey

I just gotta let it from the learn, Lord
looking at my back and now I have enough
Shawty need a gucci and a tank top
If I go bankrupt, u know say yawa go dey
I'm looking at the window trynna clear ma mind
Boy be saying na me the yawa all the time
I cant afford to wishing and all the fun
It happens all the time, e b like yawa go dey
See nobody really understand how I go through the struggle all alone, yawa go dey (ai)
And if u get a lot of money, make sure that you got beyond alone
If not yawa go dey
And nobody really understand how the hustle and the muscle everyday,
You see, my nigga steady hustling looking everywhere
My brother gakyi, baba bless me everyday
Ah yah yah yah